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Lambs in the Abattoir

by The Order of the Fly

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I woke up today Opened up my eyes to find that Something fundamental Inside me has changed and i can't go back now My visions not so blurry I see every thing so clear I'm taking my leave of herd mentality I'll break from the flock Let the other sheep tow the line in their vacuous complacency (Chorus) Marching forward, one by one I'm out of step and i really cant do this anymore Marching forward the lambs all scream as the flock is led into the abattoir In perfect file we march We're just sheep... A flock of clones Identical, each one exactly the fucking same (follow the leader, right to the slaughter) it took me all of this time to find out who I am so I'm not going back, I'm going my own direction I'll escape and I will disappear (but where is the exit from here?) How will it come? Pneumatic hammer to the brain? A violent slash with an ichor encrusted blade? The sticker does his work with cruel efficiency Every bit as mechanical and mindless as the sheep I try to scream but they cannot hear a word It's much too late to see the error of following the herd The blade races across the throat and paints the cold steel walls red and one by one the sheep obediently walk unto their death
You're such a narcissistic Miserable little fuck Guess you really are a vampire all you ever do is suck suck suck my life away You manipulate and use So I've sharpened up my stakes and wits and now my sights are set on you (chorus) You suck! I will not suffer vampires to exist We are the vampire killers You're so artificial in artful dress and pose Some may call it "posing" but in your head you so Deathrock'n roll Mommy always said you'd be a star But now you're draining her life too Yeah its a dirty fucking job, but its one I really love to do.
Teeth Gnashing in this necrotic rictus grin I'm so hungry and this feeling never goes away Sink my teeth into your dearly departed loved ones Why did it ever have to turn out this way? I cannot control these hideous urges I feel i am compelled to dine upon the dead To taste the rancid meat of the recently deceased Feeding off the carrion cadavers rotting flesh (chorus) If you should cross our path Some dark and wretched night Best take great care; such things as we demand respect we thew away our lives we threw away our futures now we have nothing left to lose we are the eaters of the dead.
The Lost 03:09
When was the last time i felt something? When was the last time i could feel anything? No recognition; I don't think I'm myself anymore It's dark and freezing, the streets are empty Vacant as this caustic hollow inside me Where am i going? Now the emptiness Swallows me whole. (chorus) I am so lost, and there's no way back I feel it deep inside my every bone I'll wonder down here, till i disappear And even then I'll still be very much alone I separate, an orphan of the world I don't belong anywhere at all The very air is imbued with longing and wasted dreams I'll continue walking through this still desolation This blankness somewhere between lucid and dreaming where no one you meet is worth knowing at all We are so empty.


released December 31, 2007


all rights reserved



The Order of the Fly San Bernardino, California

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