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The Persistence of Vermin

by The Order of the Fly

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Deep within the sewers in rivers of toxic waste Relegated to the darkness we wait, and wait, and wait You've treated us like vermin so vermin we've become Mutating in the blackness kept hidden from the sun Look what you've created vectors of viruses and plagues We've been watching from the shadows tracking every move you've made So all you fascist thought-police And you banking overlords We're going to overrun the streets With our pestilential hordes! (chorus) You cannot hope to save yourself this time We are the insects Writhing just beneath the systems skin No matter what it takes We'll work our way inside We'll drag you down with the Persistence of vermin! Corporate cops in jackboots Keep bashing in our brains While central intelligence Keeps trying to give us crack and AIDS But crush us all you want For like rats, roaches and flies We'll be replaced with thousands For each and every one of us that dies! (we are the rat... we are the insect... we are the cockroach... we are the plague of flies)
Bow down before your masters You're just a puppet, boy, And we're pulling the strings Your free will? Inconsequential. We're not concerned with Such insignificant things. We are elite We reign above you. We're your corporately-sponsored Uber-overlords We wove our schemes Hid in the shadows And now we're profiting from Eternal war. (chorus) Bow down before the (K)Illuminati The architects of despair and human folly We are destruction, arrogance and greed We're the rot at the core of the nation Sow dissent and the seeds of ruination We're parasites, and parasites will feed! We stare down From our tower From one great dispassionate, cyclopean eye At all the carnage And all the chaos And revel in all the schadenfreude Our M.O. Is Armageddon Total destruction of all that stands in our way We are the great Exalted order To which all the lesser deities pray.


The 'Persistence of Vermin' EP is The order of the Fly's seventh official release.
This EP contains two tracks which will also be appearing on the bands fifth full length album late in 2013.


released March 27, 2011

Produced, mixed and mastered by Ralphie Repulsive.
Recorded at Mad Science Studios.


all rights reserved



The Order of the Fly San Bernardino, California

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